Metalline Products

Nickel Strippers For Steel Substrates

Metalline Chemical Corporation manufactures several formulations that will remove nickel metal witout attacking or etching the steel substrate.

  • METALLINE NICKEL STRIP is a two part (powder and liquid) process designed to efficiently remove electrolytic and electroless nickel deposits from steel, stainless steel, brass and copper alloys.  NICKEL STRIP is an immersion process that does NOT contain cyanide and can strip at an optimum rate of 3 mils per hour.  When maintained properly, NICKEL STRIP will not attack or etch the base metal.
  • METALLINE 6400 is a single component powder that will efficiently strip electrolytic and electroless nickel from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and zinc die castings without attacking the base metal.  METALLINE 6400 does not contain cyanide, ammonia or phosphorous based compounds and is classified as non-hazardous, which simplifies shipping reduces costs.  When maintained properly the 6400 can strip between 1-2 mils of nickel per hour.
  • METALLINE NiS-5723 is a powdered alkaline electrolytic stripper that will rapidly remove Nickel plated deposits from steel and stainless steel substrates.  A DC rectifier is required to provide the current necessary to strip the Nickel deposits.  NiS-5723 does NOT contain any cyanide and when properly maintained it will not etch steel substrates.  NiS-5723 can also be used to effectively remove nickel deposits from steel and stainless steel rack tips.