Metalline Products


Excessive foam can cause numerous problems in chemical process solutions such as cleaner tanks, acid pickle tanks and plating solutions.  In waste treatment or waste minimization systems, foam can originate from vigorous solution agitation.  Chemical defoamers can be easily and cost effectively added to remedy this problem.

  • AF-52 DEFOAMER is a concentrated liquid that is designed to reduce foaming in rinse water and waste treatment applications. In applications where the turbidity of a solution is causing excess and detrimental foam in a processing system, AF-52 can be added.  AF-52 DEFOAMER should NOT be added directly to plating solutions.  Chemical compatibility should always be checked prior to adding any defoamer to a process solution.
  • METALLINE XD-20D is a cost effective alternative to the DOW CORNING® 544 defoamer.  The XD-20D is a silicone emulsion designed to provide rapid foam reduction in waste treatment operations.  This product is stable at higher temperatures and is well suited for chemical dye applications as well.