Metalline Products

Cadmium Chromates

Cadmium, like Zinc, is a sacrificial metal.  It will corrode preferentially and protect the steel substrate.  Cadmium, like zinc, can accept chromate conversion coatings.  These chromate conversion coatings can be either hexavalent or trivalent based.  Both polish the plated deposit and provide excellent corrosion resistance.

  • AFTR-GLO® 121-C is a powdered hexavalent, high protection clear chromate for cadmium plated deposits. AFTR-GLO® 121-C provides a clear polished finish with excellent corrosion protection.
  • CD-388 is a powdered trivalent clear chromate for cadmium plated deposits.   CD-388 produces an attractive polished, bright chromate finish that protects the cadmium deposit from staining and corroding.  CD-388 is also extremely cost effective to make up and operate.