Metalline Products

Stainless Steel Electropolishes

There are many different alloys of Stainless Steel on the market today.  The most commonly used alloys are 300 and 400 series stainless steels. 

Metalline Corporation manufactures Electropolish solutions that will effectively polish, brighten and de-burr non-magnetic 300 series and magnetic 400 series alloys.  Both Electropolish formulations precipitate metals as they build through processing and do NOT require frequent decants to maintain metal concentrations, thereby reducing waste treatment costs, down time and overall operating costs.

  • METALGLEAM™ SR-3150 is a liquid ready to use electropolish formulation for non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel alloys.  The low operating temperature of SR-3150 will help to minimize energy costs.   

  • METALGLEAM™ MSR-4150 is a liquid ready to use electropolish formulation for magnetic 400 series stainless steel alloys.  The MSR-4150 will also effectively polish 300 series alloys as well.