Metalline Products

Copper and Brass Bright Dips & Electropolishes

Copper and Brass Alloys can be chemically polished to a mirror bright finish.  This can be accomplished through Electropolishing, with the use of electric DC current and METALGLEAMTM CB-2429 or through simple immersion utilizing AQUAPOLISH® or CAP-23.

  • METALGLEAM™ CB-2429 is a ready to use liquid electropolish formulation that provides an environmentally friendly alternative to hazardous nitric acid based bright dipping. METALGLEAM™ CB-2429 utilizes a DC rectifier to produce the electrical current that provides controlled metal removal and excellent brightness.                                                                                 
  • AQUAPOLISH® is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional nitric/sulfuric bright dipping that does not contain nitric or chromic acids and does not require current.  AQUAPOLISH® can be used to provide a highly polished final finish, or as a pretreatment to nickel, tin or gold plating.  AQUAPOLISH® will polish and activate the surface of brass and copper alloys with minimal, often immeasurable metal removal.  AQUAPOLISH® is a chemically stable process that is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to waste treat.
  • CAP-23 is a liquid concentrate to which nitric acid is added in order to brighten brass and copper alloys.  Nitric acid can be purchased as a commodity, thereby reducing the overall operating cost of the process.  CAP-23 will polish, de-burr and provide a chemically activate surface that will readily accept plated metal deposits.