Metalline Products

Aluminum Soak Cleaners

Metalline Corporation manufactures a complete line of soak cleaners for removing oils, lubricants and coolants from aluminum substrates. Listed below is a brief description of our three best selling products.

  • AMFOSOLTM A-65-NCS is a powdered, non-silicated, non-caustic based oil emulsifying soak cleaner that is used for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This product is particularly effective for cleaning aluminum prior to anodizing and chromating. AMFOSOLTM A-65-NCS will not etch non-ferrous substrates, and its unique formulation allows for the removal of water soluble lubricants and coolants.
  • AMBIDET® PS-96 is a liquid, high performance, acidic, oil emulsifying soak cleaner. AMBIDET® PS-96 is formulated to allow for cleaning, mild etching and de-smuting of extruded aluminum in one single step.  AMBIDET® PS-96 also cleans brazing oxides, scales and flux, and will brighten and activate the surface of brass and copper alloys. At the proper temperature and concentration, AMBIDET® PS-96 can be used to meet the ASTM A-967 specification for the passivation of stainless steel substrates.
  • AMFOSOLTM SKC is a powdered, mildly alkaline soak cleaner. AMFOSOLTM SKC is effective in removing oils, drawing compounds, light inks, and dyes.  AMFOSOLTM SKC is also specially formulated for use in applications where heavy duty, non-etch cleaning is desirable on aluminum and zinc die castings.