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About Us

METALLINE CHEMICAL CORPORATION (MC2) was founded in 1966 on the strength of superior pretreatment chemistry, including heavy-duty soak cleaners, smut reducing electrocleaners and scale removing detergent acid additives.

With an emphasis on customer service and specialized metal finishing applications, METALLINE CORPORATION remains committed to the development of metal cleaning and corrosion resistant chemical technologies for all metals. 

Dark nickel plating systems, an environmentally friendly bright dip for copper and brass, improved chemical stripper formulations and high protection trivalent chromates for zinc were all developed as the result of specific market deficiencies.  METALLINE CORPORATION manufactures over 250 different specialty chemical products and has the flexibility to develop and manufacture products that exceed customer expectations.

METALLINE CORPORATION works with the customer to increase productivity and reduce costs, while providing products that minimize environmental concerns.